• Remarkable cost efficiency

    Learn how our clients utilize the LogiScale team to drive down costs, freeing capital to fuel their business growth.

  • Properly sized for success

    Many capable BPOs won’t serve you if you need a smaller team. LogiScale specializes in teams as small as 3 associates.

  • Promptly scale up
    Seamlessly scale down

    We’re as nimble as we are flexible. Our rapid onboarding process gets you up and running quickly. From then on, count on us to manage resource allocation for your changing needs.

  • Uncompromising service dependability

    Dependability lives at the intersection of people and technology. You can count on our people because stringent standards ensure we hire only the best.

What We Do

Customer Service
Priority On People

As inbound specialists, we don’t talk at customers… we talk with them. We engage. We empathize. And we solve their problems, creating happier customers more firmly bonded to your business.

Chat / Email / Social Media
Creating Timely Interactions

LogiScale associates communicate at the speed of commerce: careful, clear, friendly and information-rich interactions that solve problems, answer questions, and satisfy the need for promptness.

Back Office
Careful Task Management

Back office outsourcing with LogiScale allows you to focus on what really drives your business, while being assured that important tasks will be completed carefully, accurately and on time, in a manner that compliments your internal processes.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing
We’re experts at sourcing talent

Utilization of LogiScale’s offshore RPO talent will allow your onshore, client-focused recruiting consultants to focus on what they love – interacting with clients. Our lower cost allows us to involve more back-office talent sourcers, and thereby casting a much wider net for each search. The result? LogiScale-backed firms choose from a larger pool of candidates, allowing them to be much more selective.

Smart People, Smartly Deployed

Programming isn’t about completing tasks in the most literal sense. It’s about taking time to understand the true objectives of each individual project, and making smart decisions along the way, for results that meet real-world expectations. Our intelligent, efficient and intuitive team is uniquely skilled to deliver work that you can stake your business on.

Tech Support
Simplifying Complex Situations

LogiScale associates have the skills, training and compassion to successfully manage all levels of interactions with your customers and/or internal team.

About Us

About Us

LogiScale is truly a different kind of BPO. Our family-owned, USA-based parent company was founded in 1930 by Benjamin Cohen, and has grown steadily, now with over 1,500 USA-based employees and still wholly owned by the Cohen family. In 2009, we built LogiScale to provide BPO services to our parent. And now, we’re providing BPO services to outside clients.

Our Specialty | Small and medium sized teams

Many BPOs neglect their clients with fewer than 20 associates. At LogiScale, we’re the opposite: we specialize in customers that need to deploy small and medium sized teams. In focusing on smaller engagements, we’re able to provide the individual attention necessary to achieve high-quality results.

Our People | We attract and retain the best

Our Human Resources department hand-picks the brightest college graduates in the Philippines. Our pay is well above average, and we offer a complete set of benefits, including full healthcare. As a result, we’ve got the best team in the Philippines, and our associate retention is second to none.

Our Technology | We do not mess around

We have two Internet providers, providing a full 60 megabits of throughput. We have an awesome team of network engineers on staff. Every critical piece of technology in our server room is duplicated for fault tolerance. All power is backed up 24/7 by two diesel generators. Our infrastructure comprises Cisco UCS Servers, Ruckus Meshed Wireless and Shoretel/Ring Central phone systems. In addition we are PCI Compliant!

Our Offices | Location is everything!

Our office is in the center of Makati, in 6780 building Ayala Avenue, well out of the flood zone, and easy to get to. Our executive team lives and works in the United States, so we can meet with you in person easily to discuss your needs. Finally and most importantly – we love visitors! We look forward to meeting you!

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LogiScale has offices in New York, Pennsylvania, Chicago, and Manila.
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